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Laser Stratos

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Laser Stratos
Beam (width): 2m
Length: 4.94m
Weight: 190kg
Ideal Crew Weight: 120-190kg
Sail Set: Main, Jib, Spinnaker
Spinnaker: Asymmetric
First Year of Manufacture: 1999
Manufacturer: The Laser Centre

Advanced Specifications

Portsmouth Yardstick (Handicap)1083
Main Sail Area11.11 sq m
Jib Sail Area3 sq m
Spinnaker Sail Area12.54 sq m
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Boat Reviews

- Posted By Richard on 09 April 2009
Drojan, I think you're right on some of that - where we sailed it it was more setup for cruising (it didn't have the trapeze kit), and it was the first time we sailed it. We were up against people in mostly Lasers, RS 200s and RS400s, who were pretty familiar with their boats, on a small course which didn't help.

With the number of boats we sailed that week, we didn't get to spend a lot of time in many of them, so some of my reviews are "gut reaction" to the boats, and probably not that fair in some cases.

- Posted By Drojan on 08 April 2009
You might have had a poorly set-up boat, or perhaps shot sails. This boat is a superb boat for longer sails and handicap racing. Even has a trapeze kit which gives an added dimension to the boat.

I race a centreboard Stratos every week in our club races in a mixed fleet. It's a fantastic boat to race. It's fast and stable up to F5 then you need to be careful with the gybes and spinnaker. The handicap is probably a little on the generous side and I find it fairly straightforward to get reasonable results except when the best sailor in the club shows up. Overall the boat makes for great day sailing and fun racing. Class website now:

- Posted By Richard H on 15 December 2008
We sailed a Stratos in Greece, and while it would be a great boat for cruising with its large cockpit and heavy weight making it stable, it's not great for racing.

We passed up a day sail in one of these thankfully - it would have been 6 hours in 25° heat with no wind. Instead we had a potter around, and then joined in a race. After a rather large nosebleed (watch out for the big metal loop in the back when tacking), the racing didn't go well. They don't tack very quickly, although they are quite forgiving when the wind picks up - with main, jib and spinnaker half way up, we very nearly capsized it on top of an already capsized Laser but managed to keep it going. The spinnaker is a one rope for pole launch and spinnaker hoist, a nice and easy solution. It's got good performance for a lumbering beast, but with a PY of 1083, rated very similar to a Laser, it is not easy to do well in a mixed handicap race, and we wouldn't advise it or try again for that matter.

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