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Beam (width): 1.58m
Length: 4.34m
Weight: 77kg
Crew: 2
Ideal Crew Weight: -kg
Sail Set: Main, Jib, Spinnaker
Spinnaker: Asymmetric
First Year of Manufacture: 2005
Manufacturer: LDC Racing Sailboats

Advanced Specifications

Portsmouth Yardstick (Handicap)960
Jib Sail Area3 sq m
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Boat Reviews

- Posted By Mike Parker on 20 October 2009
I agree that the RS500 is a joy to sail. However, even in the Menai Straits when it is blowing, it would be nice to have hiking straps for the crew. Sometimes, even in perfect conditions for trapezing, it is nice to have a little rest!

- Posted By Richard H on 15 December 2008
LDC Sailboats idea of a double handed single trapeze boat - the RS500 is a joy to sail, and is very similar to the older Laser 2.

We only had an afternoon in this boat sadly - but that's all it took to fall in love with it. I was crewing mostly and Becky helming, I got my first taste of trapezing. Moderate Force 2-3 winds were enough to get this to heel enough to need to trapeze, and apart from a few unplanned flights around the shroud, it was goooood. On the helm the boat was amazingly responsive, with a featherlight touch needed to steer it. The sail area is not massive, but enough to get it flying, and an asymmetric spinnaker tops off the package nicely. One down point is the crew has no hiking straps or seat, so it can be uncomfortable if there isn't enough wind to trapeze - although it doesn't need much. Now if only our lake was big enough to sail this...

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