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Stopper Knot

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Posted on 06 January 2008 15:41

A stopper knot is another form of stop knot, useful for stopping ropes passing through eyeholes or fairleads.

This one has benefits over the figure eight knot in that it's easier to make a bigger knot by introducing more turns, and is easy to do.

Stopper Picture 1

Picture 1

Stopper Picture 2

Picture 2

Start by taking a length of rope, and wrapping it around your hand or fingers loosely (picture 1). Wrap it around your hand a second time (picture 2), then on the third time around, bring the working end of the rope across the front of the coils, and then underneath (picture 3).

Stopper Picture 3

Picture 3

Stopper Picture 4

Picture 4

Pull on the two ends of the length of rope (picture 4) and off your fingers; when pulled tight, the knot will form (picture 5).

Stopper Picture 5

Picture 5

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