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Laser Pico

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Laser Pico
Beam (width): 1.4m
Length: 3.5m
Weight: 60kg
Crew: 1
Ideal Crew Weight: 32-60kg
Sail Set: Main
First Year of Manufacture: 1995
Manufacturer: The Laser Centre

Advanced Specifications

Portsmouth Yardstick (Handicap)1259

Boat Reviews

- Posted By Nellie J on 18 February 2010
Pico's are really good little boats - as a lightweight adult I learnt to sail in them and then bought one. The larger, battened sail makes it quite a different sailing experience than with the training sail and in really windy weather they're easy boats to reef if you need to. Pretty easy to right after a capsize too! Although they can be tricky in short choppy waves, they are surprisingly well behaved in larger waves. Enjoy!

- Posted By Richard H on 11 December 2008
On our first day in Greece we got to sail Pico's - It was blowing Force 5 and they wouldn't let anything else on the water!

We had them double reefed, adults sailing Picos, in a sheltered bay that still had 2-3 foot swells, and it was damn good fun. They were a little slippy on the sides, and it'd be nice to try them again in conditions that weren't overpowering, but they were still good fun to sail.

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