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Posted on 21 May 2008 18:31

Things have been quiet on the Laser 2 front of late - time for an update on our progress.

Just because we haven't been publishing articles doesn't mean we haven't been doing anything! We've been working on our Laser 2 getting it up to scratch in time for our trip to Bala lake in Wales this bank holiday weekend.

Pretty much all of the filling, apart from a few small bits we'll do when we repaint the hull is done now, and sanded down. The deck is looking good, if a bit patchworky. We're deciding whether to go to the trouble of gelcoting it to hide the patches, with a two-tone gelcote scheme. A lot of work - but probably worth it.

The centreboard is complete - apart from a fresh coat of paint. The rudder assembly is all good, and the sails are now repaired. We have an issue with the jib no longer properly fitting which we're working on.

As for rigging - all of the cockpit is laid out nicely. The new toestraps are working well and will probably be the next article to appear on here, although we do need a bit more bungee on them to finish them off. The standing rigging (forestay) has been replaced, and the trapeze wires are newly replaced too, so no more kinks.

All of the running rigging apart from the mainsheet has been replaced with fresh rope, and the outhaul, downhaul and kicker are all newly rigged. At present, they're not all class legal - our club isn't fussed by that kind of thing, so we're planning two Laser 2 rigging guides - a class legal one, and a "performance/fun" one.

As far as the spinnaker goes - this weekend should prove interesting. We picked up a fantastic bargain on a new second hand boom and pole last weekend, and with a small amount of rigging to do, we plan to get the spinnaker up and working this weekend, and see how many tweaks need to be made.

That pretty much covers all of it! The boat goes like a beauty, we're just concentrating on tuning what we've done and making sure it's right before we publish articles on it. Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll start churning all of this, and some other articles out, if we can fit it all in between sailing, sponsored sail events, training, and a surfing holiday!

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