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RS Feva

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RS Feva
Beam (width): 1.42m
Length: 3.64m
Weight: 63kg
Ideal Crew Weight: 80-115kg
Sail Set: Main, Jib, Spinnaker
Spinnaker: Asymmetric
Manufacturer: LDC Racing Sailboats

Advanced Specifications

Portsmouth Yardstick (Handicap)1189
Jib Sail Area2 sq m
Spinnaker Sail Area7 sq m
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Boat Reviews

- Posted By Richard H on 15 December 2008
We sailed Feva's single handed in Greece, on a day where the breeze picked up to a lively Force 3 - 4. Great fun!

It was bordering on the limits of single handed Feva sailing with the wind strength - due to a badly rigged boat (not by her), Becky capsized within about 5 minutes due to the mainsheet coming undone. We had about an hour in them - quite tiring work in the wind. At one point I had the spinnaker up - first time sailing a boat single handed with main and jib, let alone spinnaker! Unfortunately the design of the chute could be better, and it snagged half way down, and I required powerboat assistance to sort it out. Tacking was pretty easy single handed - uncleat jib, tack, new heading, pull in and cleat jib, pull in main sheet and sail away - perhaps not always the right order, but in those winds the jib was enough to get it moving after the tack. Hiking hard, sailing with an offshore wind, it took us 10 minutes to get out and half an hour to get back in! I made the mistake of pulling my daggerboard up slightly too early however, on the approach to the right side of the tower, nearly ended up taking out the tower and the girl in it and ended up on the left side. Damn good fun, but not a boat I could sail often, it was hard work in that breeze.

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