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An international sailing class, the restricted design enterprise, with its highly distinctive blue sail, is a very popular boat at many levels of sailing. One of the finest boats designed by Jack Holt in the 1950's, this old boat is still incredibly popular despite its age, with over 23,000 models constructed. Initially constructed from plywood, these have now been joined by more recently built fibreglass models which are virtually unsinkable, unlike the early ply ones. The Enterprise is a particularly favoured boat within inland clubs, and is ideally suited to tactical racing.

Beam (width): 1.6m
Length: 4m
Weight: 94kg
Crew: 2
Ideal Crew Weight: 125-150kg
Sail Set: Main, Jib
First Year of Manufacture: 1953
Designer: Jack Holt
Manufacturer: Various

Advanced Specifications

Portsmouth Yardstick (Handicap)1116
Main Sail Area10.7 sq m
Club Scene SiteVisit Enterprise Class Website
Main Sail Halyard Length 12 metres
Jib Sail Halyard Length 10 metres
Main Sail Sheet Length 8 metres
Jib Sail Sheet Length 8 metres

Boat Reviews

- Posted By John Cooper on 20 December 2008
I was recommended to buy an Enterprise dinghy and it’s been a fantastic boat. A good second hand GRP/FRP Enterprise can be found for a reasonable £500 - £1,000 ( buy one with good sails, road trailer and cover).

Great fun sailing single-handed in winds up to around 12/13 mph and then crews needed so not to get wet too often! The Enterprise is raced and can be pushed to its limit by an experienced crew, yet it is also a perfect 1st dinghy to buy to cruise and learn on and master the techniques of sailing and owning a boat.

- Posted By Richard H on 11 December 2008
I practically learnt to sail in an Enterprise, taught by my wonderful other half! They're a very versatile boat - great to learn in, but also good for racing.

Enterprises have something about them - they're easy boats to get to grips with, and are also a very forgiving boat - on more than one occasion we've had it leaning at 60°, taking on half a boat full of water yet still got it back upright (then spent 20 minutes baling water out). Be careful if you're buying one - being a restricted design rather than one design there are some dodgier ones out there. We try to avoid ones with internal bouyancy bags and go for buoyancy tanks, they're more durable. We've not had much luck with the rear transom flaps either - in our club, they're either glued on so they don't work anymore, or falling off. There's also a good strong class following for Ents, and they have a good numebr of open meetings a year throughout the country.

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