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RS Vision

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RS Vision
Beam (width): 1.8m
Length: 4.6m
Weight: 125kg
Crew: 2
Ideal Crew Weight: 105+kg
Sail Set: Main, Jib, Spinnaker
Spinnaker: Asymmetric
First Year of Manufacture: 2003
Manufacturer: LDC Racing Sailboats

Advanced Specifications

Main Sail Area13.5 sq m
Spinnaker Sail Area12 sq m
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Boat Reviews

- Posted By Steve on 26 October 2009
I owned a Vision for two years and had great fun in it. At first it feels a large and long dinghy but this is soon overcome.

I believe it does everything well with few vices and is very underated. I used mine on the local sailing pond, Rutland Water and on the sea. With a good wind it points well and with the gennaker up it goes like the clappers down wind.

I have had three in the boat safely and have sailed it single handed no problem. But like all bigger dinghies it needs two up in a good wind.

All the controls are simple and easy to locate.

Only one minor shortcoming is that downwind it needs the geni up to match other dinghies, the jib is not really meant for fast runs.

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