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Topper Topaz Uno

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Topper Topaz Uno
Beam (width): 1.4m
Length: 3.9m
Weight: 60kg
Sail Set: Main
First Year of Manufacture: 1998
Manufacturer: Topper International

Advanced Specifications

Portsmouth Yardstick (Handicap)1204
Main Sail Area5.2 sq m
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Boat Reviews

- Posted By edy galea former xxxxxxxxxx on 17 September 2009
topper topaz x.........3 months out of the water

appriciate your respond rich,topper didn't reply to my further e-mails. After 2 months searching to repair i was sent to a plastic welder and had the topaz repaired in a afternoon costing a fair sum of 120 euros.The material is HDPE(high density polyethylene)and no other material sticks to this hull.The boat was bougth off topper uk via local agent at the price of 5100 euros with a lousy after sails service with only an option to replace the hull at the cost of 2000 euros without fittings, have also stored 2 optimist air ballast bags in the bow for safety.

- Posted By xxxxxxxxx on 18 August 2009
I bought a topaz X in 2008, sail in flat calm/rough sea single handed, boat performance lean

plastic does not repair: the rudder bracket snapped twice while sailing... rail mylar sail needed repairs in the first months... Hitting the daggerboard on a rock at 2 knots smashing behind the casing,week point, beyond repair... The hull dented while resting on launch trailer (inc. the stringers) also dented along the stern, shows that hull looses the curve in less than a year... is this coincidence or cheap material... 2 year guarantee????

[CW Rich - we hope you took up these issues with Topper or whoever you bought the boat from if it was a dealer, it doesn't sound good. Anyone from Topper wish to reply?]

- Posted By Edd on 04 April 2009
Fast, fun and easy to handle is the first things that come into my head when I sail this dinghy.

when I first sailed the topaz at my local club I knew this was the boat I would sail for the rest of my life, after my first and a half year of sailing my clubs topaz my and my father went on ebay to buy me one, after I had bought a light blue 1999 topaz with uno, uno plus, and duo rigs for £1360 I had about 3 sailing sessions left but I could already tell I would never get bored of sailing this boat there was only one problem, a small one but a problem, there were no toe-straps forward of the mainsheet block, I had toe-straps but my crew didn't, but even so it was still very easy to sail in medium winds and it still went pretty fast in light winds (I was going faster than someone in a laser, four people in a kestrel, two people in a topper and another two in a topaz uno plus) and I was on my own with only the mainsheet, I haven't used my duo rig but as soon as I do I will write a review. the topper topaz is brilliant for beginners and more experienced people. If you have any questions about the topaz please don't hesitate to e-mail me at

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